"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." -Chistopher Reeve

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Stay on track with the budget.
     Live within my means.
     Be diligent about paying bills and documenting.
     What money will be spent on, in order of priority:
          Living expenses
          Debt (Laura first)
          Use Liz Pullam Weston’s book to repair credit.
          Secured credit card
          Savings account
          Discretionary – I will only spend what I have!

Exercise and eat relatively healthy; stay within the 80/20 rule.

Be pretty! Have my hair done on a regular basis, do my nails, etc.

At work, clean my office from top to bottom. Keep the forward motion. Prioritize and give reasonable time frames for turnaround; underpromise and overproduce.

Get all of my filing and organizing at home in order.
     Boxes in garage

Take at least three classes: ENGRW 300/Spring Semester, Summer Semester, Fall Semester. Learn Algebra!

Make sure there is always a next ride planned. Think about my ultimate horse goals. Go with the flow for now, continue to learn, meet people in the horse community, save money, keep commitments, but don’t over commit.

Treat everyone with respect; don’t talk badly to or about anyone.

Car; clean windows, shampoo carpets and seats, get seat covers, have paint buffed, get new wheels.

Take more pics, keep them organized on discs.

Blog consistently.

Make Lucy a well adjusted, health and happy mutt with exercise, activity and training.

I will have limited bills, cash reserves, good credit scores.

I will be fit and hot.

I will be a rock star at work.

Home will be clean and organized.

I will have gotten closer to my transfer to UC Davis for school and work.

I will have cultivated my passion for horses.

I will have made deeper connections with people.

My car will be stylin’.

I will have a year’s worth of pictures to memorialize how good life is.

I will have cultivated my curiosity for writing.

Lucy will be healthy and happy.

I will evaluate my retirement plan and start contributing more to it.

I will reevaluate school; what I’ve done and what I still need to do.

I will look into what I should do with my savings; invest, money market account, certificate of deposit, etc.

I will start thinking about the next step in my career at the University of California.

I will think about buying a horse.